Keynote Lectures
1)                 Yoshitaka Nagahama (Japan): Regulation of ovarian development and oocyte maturation in fish.
2)                 Bon-chu Chung (Taiwan): Function and regulation of steroids in vertebrates.
3)                 Ishwar Parhar (Malaysia): Functional significance of kisspeptins in fish.
4)                 Kazuyoshi Tsutsui (Japan): Progress in comparative endocrinology by discovering novel neuropeptides and neurosteroids.
5)                 Yoshio Takei (Japan): What we learned from Dr. Kobayashi, the Founder of Comparative Endocrinology in Japan (Dedicated to the memory of Emeritus Professor Hideshi Kobayashi).
6)                 Hao-Ran Lin (China): Structure and functions of GnIH and GnIH receptor in teleost.
7)                 Kyung Jin Kim (Korea): BioClock Timing System: Impact of circadian clock molecule, Rev-erb alpha on mood regulation by dopamine.
8)                 Saumen Kumar Maitra (India): Melatonin in gut and pineal: A testimony of diversity in temporal pattern and its synchronizer.
9)                 Samir Bhattacharya (India): Lipid induced insulin resistance is associated with immunity.
Symposium Lectures
1)                 Akihiro Takemura (Japan): Rhythms in fish reproduction: possible involvement of dopaminergic activity in tidal-related spawnings of a tropical wrasse.
2)                 Akiyoshi Takahashi (Japan): Pleiotropic functions of proopiomelancortin in fish.
3)                 Honoo Satake (Japan): Neuropeptides and peptide hormones of the ascidian, Ciona intestinals: Comparative views to novel follicle growth.
4)                 Kiyoshi Soyano (Japan): Pheromonal control of final oocyte maturation and lunar-related spawning in grouper.
5)                 Kouhei Matsuda (Japan):Orexin A induces anxiety-like behavior in goldfish.
6)                 Masatoshi Mita (Japan): Regulatory contribution of Gs-proteins to 1-methyladenine production in starfish ovarian follicle cells stimulated by relaxin-like gonad-stimulating substance.
7)                 Takeshi Miura (Japan): Control mechanisms of meiotic during sper matogenesis in Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica).
8)                 Takashi Yada (Japan): Ghrelin and food acquisition in japanese eel.
9)                 Takashi Yoshimura (Japan): Evolutionary aspects of seasonal time measurement.
10)            Hae Chul Park (Korea): Regulation of oligodendrocyte development by Hedgehog signaling in the zebrafish CNS.
11)            Hans Uwe Dhams (Korea): Does bioaccumulation and biomagnification of EDC’s take place in marine fish?
12)            Hosung Jung (Korea): Xenopus as a model to study neuronal axons.
13)            Jae Young Seong (Korea): Evolutionary genomics for identification of novel neuropeptides and their receptors.
14)            Woong Sun (Korea): Migration and differentiation of neural progenitors following brain injury in mice.
15)            Young-Joon Kim (Korea): A sleep-stabilizing pathway in Drosophila composed of sex peptide receptor and its ligand, the myoinhibitory peptide.
16)            Anderson On Lam Wong (China):Novel pituitary actions of TAC3 gene products in fish model.
17)            Billy KC Chow (China): Transmembrane peptides as unique tools to demonstrate the in vivo action of GPCR hetero-complex of secretin and angiotensin.
18)            Deshou Wang (China): Roles of sex steroids on sex determination and maintenance in teleosts.
19)            Hu Wei (China): Transgenic Fish and its Reproductive Containment Strategies.
20)            Wei Ge (China): Kit system and its role in the paracrine regulation of follicle development in zebrafish.
21)            Weiqun Lu (China): Neuro-endocrine control of the environmental adaptability in fish-a study of fish caudal neurosecretory system.
22)            Olivier Kah (France): Aromatase in the brain of fish: expression, regulation and potential functions.
23)            Sylvie Dufour (France): Impact of whole genome duplications on vertebrate neuroendocrine systems with special focus on teleosts.
24)            John Donad (Australia): Appetite regulation in desert-adapted spinifex hopping mice during water deprivation.
25)            Satoshi Ogawa (Malaysia): Role of tachykinins and tachykinin receptors in fish reproduction.
26)            Tomoko Soga (Malaysia): Impact of early life stress on anxiety and reproduction.
27)            Keerikkattil Paily Joy (India): Catecholestrogens in final oocyte maturation in the catfish heteropneustes fossilis: an overview.
28)            M.C. Subhash Peter (India): Serotonin and melatonin mitigate the stress response and promote the ease response in air-breathing fish.
29)            Suchinda Malaivijitnond (Thailand): Anti-osteoporotic effects of phytoestrogens containing plant Pueraria mirifica: in vivo and in vitro approaches.
30)            Pung-Pung Hwang (Taiwan): New insights into hormonal control of body fluid ion homeostasis: zebrafish as a model.
31)            Chi-Ying Lee (Taiwan): Neuroendocrine response to pathogens and its implication for the metabolism of crustacean host.
32)            Hong-Yo Kang (Taiwan): Androgen receptor regulates stemness and differentiation of stem cells.
33)            Guan-Chung Wu (Taiwan): Tug-of-war of gonadal soma transdifferentiation in the hermaphroditic fish.
34)            Shinya Shikina (Taiwan): Yolk formation in a stony coral Euphyllia ancora (Cnidaria, Anthozoa): insight into the evolution of vitellogenesis in non-bilaterian animals.