Abstract Submission
All abstracts for oral papers and posters must be submitted to AOSCE@mail.ntou.edu.tw
New deadline for submission of abstracts is January 10, 2014.
Contributions on any topic in all fields of comparative endocrinology are called for. The 4 categories of contributions are:
1.      Keynote papers (45 minutes)
Keynote lectures will consist of 40 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions.
2.      Symposium paper (30 minutes)
Symposium lectures will consist of 25 minutes presentations with 5 minutes for questions.
3.      Oral papers (20 minutes)
Oral papers will consist of 15 minute presentations with 5 minutes for questions. Abstracts that are not accepted for oral papers will automatically be considered for posters.
4.      Posters
Poster contributions are encouraged for the Congress. Poster size 90*120cm.
Subject areas for oral papers and posters
1.          Molecular Endocrinology (分子內分泌)
2.          Environmental and adaptative Endocrinology (環境與適應內分泌)
3.          Evolutionary and Developmental Endocrinology (演化與發育內分泌)
4.          Neuroendocrinology (神經內分泌)
5.          Neuropeptides and Receptors (神經胜肽與受器)
6.          Invertebrate Endocrinology (無脊椎內分泌)
7.          Brain and Behavioral Endocrinology (腦與行為內分泌)
8.          Growth and Metabolism Endocrinology (生長與代謝內分泌)
9.          Reproductive Endocrinology (生殖內分泌)
10.      Endocrinology of Stem Cell Biology (幹細胞內分泌學)
Please read carefully the EDITORIAL RULES to correctly format your abstract.
For the editing, we can handle only files saved in Microsoft Word format. As we are not working on Macintosh, Windows-generated files are preferred. Abstract should be prepared on a A4 page with margins of 2.5 cm on the top, left and right, and 5.5 cm on the bottom. The characters should be Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1, fully justified (use the template file).
The title of the abstract should be in bold style. Name of the authors (Family name, Abbreviations of First and Middle names) should follow on a separate line (not in capital). Put the  remark (asterisk) after the author(s)’ names to indicate the presenting author. On a separate line put the full address of the principal author and/or presenting author (including the name of the institution, name of the city and country). E-mail address can be added. The text of the abstract will follow after one line spacing. A list of maximal 5 keywords that will be used to build a keyword list at the end of the abstract book.
DO NOT use columns or sections’ breaking in your text. Avoid special signs in your text (e.g. Greek letters or mathematical symbols), but in case you need to put them, please be sure that they are clearly evident in the mailed copy and put a reminder of their presence in the message accompanying the transmission of the file.
In order to fit on the space limit, your abstract, excluding title, authors’ names and addresses must fit in the given space. It will be approximately 270 words in total.
Title of the abstract
Family X.Y.1, Family Z.W.2* (with single line space for the names)
1Department, University, City, Country. 2 Department, University, City, Country… (with a single line space for the institution)
e-mail: xxxx@yyyyy.zzzzzzzz
Abstract text: Please identify the presenter by an asterisks symbol (*) and email address. Please follow this abstract format and submit your abstract before December 31, 2013. The abstract contents should be with a single line space.
Keyword: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx