About the Congress


The AOSCE Congress is held every four years and facilitates to explore current overviews of the field of Comparative Endocrinology via plenary lectures, symposia, contributed oral sessions and poster sessions. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to exchange research information and ideas between colleagues from different countries and areas particularly from Asia and Oceania. The Congress organizes an attractive scientific program covering the latest progress in the broad aspect of Comparative Endocrinology from molecules to organisms and their interactions with environment. The Intercongress Symposium of AOSCE is also held regularly at the middle of Congress years. The Congresses and Intercongress Symposia were held in various countries in Asia and Oceania as follows:

Intercongress Symposium
1st Congress
1987, Nagoya, Japan
1st Intercongress Symposium
1989, Hong Kong
2nd Congress
1991, New Delhi, India
2nd Intercongress Symposium
1993, Thailand
3rd Congress
1996, Sydney, Australia
3rd Intercongress Symposium
1998, Kwangju, Korea
4th Congress
2000, Taipei, Taiwan
4th Intercongress Symposium
2002, Guangzhou, China
5th Congress
2004, Nara, Japan
5th Intercongress Symposium
2006, Bangkok, Thailand
6th Congress
2007, Siliguri, India
6th Intercongress Symposium
2010, New Zealand
7th Congress
2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7th Intercongress Symposium
2014,Keelung, Taiwan

The 7th Intercongress Symposium of the AOSCE will be held in Keelung (near Taipei) in Taiwan in 2014, with Prof. Ching-Fong Chang to be the host for this meeting. The 8th Congress of the AOSCE will be held in Seoul, Korea in 2016, with Prof. Kyungjin Kim and Prof. Jae Young Seong to be the hosts of this meeting.